April 12, 2019

The Center for Birds of Prey Bird Songs - Nashville Song Writers in the Round

As one of the most unique musical events you can find in Charleston, Bird Songs is an annual event with Nashville songwriters and musicians telling the stories behind some of their songs in addition to performing these songs with one another for an intimate audience. The attendees are greeted while flight demonstrations with to birds, in addition to being able to mingle with the beautiful birds while enjoying drinks sponsored by Holy City Brewing.

As a photographer and lover of music, birds, and beer, documenting this event was a dream. The Center for Birds of Prey has easily become my favorite venue for documenting events as the space is very open and green, surrounded by tall trees, and you event get a bit of a dirt road experience on your way in. The birds are absolutely beautiful, and I’m lucky to have been at the Center a couple of times now while there were baby owls. I have no words for how cute they are. Lastly, it’s a blessing to be in the same room as all of these folks supporting a common cause all with the same shared love for music.

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