13th Annual CDCA Defense Summit

Charleston Area Convention Center

"Accelerate to dominate."

As one of the largest defense summits on the East Coast, the CDCA is an opportunity for over 1000 government and industry leaders to put their heads together in an effort to come up with new solutions for accelerating national defense.

This event was a bit of an experiment compared to my norm as I was testing out an entirely new camera system! The Olympus OMD Mk II and lenses are giving me the opportunity to be an even better event photographer. 

Some perks of the Olympus mirrorless system include:

• The camera is completely silent

• Can have so many frames per second that it's practically like taking a video of the event if you want = never miss the shot!

• Less of a need to use flash (less obtrusive)

• Fast built in WiFi to get clients images delivered quickly 

• In camera HDR

• The "Live View" allows you to see the exact exposure you are getting before taking the photo!

• Incredible image stabilization, camera is it's own gimble system for video

• Camera has a "focus on eyes" setting that will ensure sharp images every time.

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