April 24-25, 2019

Campaigns & Elections - CampaignTech East

FHI 360, Washington, DC

Modern campaigning revolves around technology, and CampaignTech East is your key to unlock the current greatest innovations behind campaigns and voting. This is my fifth year photographing this conference and I really enjoy it more and more every year, as it’s really a photographer’s dream event. Much like technology, the conference is changing, growing, and adapting every year. As the story of CampaignTech East has evolved, the story I get to tell every year always has slight variations that make for fun photo opportunities. It’s easy to get set in a routine as a photographer who gets does the same events over and over again. However, I like to treat every year as a new one, despite the growing trust between client and photographer. I like to ask questions like:

* “What’s new and exciting at CampaignTech this year?”

* “Is the awards ceremony going to be the same as last year?”

* “Who are your key players?”

* “Which moments should emphasis be placed on?”

A timeline is always great, but asking these questions before I photograph an event really allows me to get a feel for the story I’m telling on a deeper level. I do not only see the creative documentation of a conference as just a timeline of speakers and coffee breaks, I see it as a grand opportunity to tell the entire story of your company and brand - with authenticity and excitement!

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