May 9, 2019

Chubb Insurance Reception - Kiawah Island Resort

A perfect spring evening on Kiawah Island. The Sanctuary hosted Chubb Insurance where their top agents gathered for recognition of their outstanding work and contributions to the company. To commemorate the group on their efforts we did a big group photo of all top agents with the ocean in the background. With only 5-10 times to pull the group photo off, we did arrive to the event over an hour early to prepare. The events team was fantastic in bringing us risers to accommodate for the large amount of people in the photo. They even went asa far as listening to our requests to center the risers and place them in the shade so that the lighting would be pleasant for the photographs.

The client's request for photos were as follows:

• Just do your thing, we trust you.

So here's what we focused on:

• Big group photo (about 75 people)

• Engaging photographs

• Emotions, gestures, smiles, laughs

• Overall ambience of the event

• Photos of just the resort

• Close up interaction photos

• Interaction photos showing the resort / landscape in the background

• Food and beverage photos

• Photos of the speakers (CEO)

How we prepared:

• We got there early to scout out the space for the group photo

• Met with the event coordinator about the show flow

• Had lighting prepared and set up off to the side and out of the way during the happy hour

• Asked the right questions: 

          • How many people will be in the group photo?

          • Timing? How long do we have to get the group photo?

          • Who are the key players at the event?

          • What does the final product look like for you? Digital and/or prints?


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