April 3, 2017

How do I prepare for event photography?

Whether your event involves 15 people or 1500 people, there are a number of noteworthy steps I take in preparation for photographing every event. Your images and your good name are incredibly important to me and I strive to bring the utmost professionalism in my photography as well as in my demeanor, from the time I answer your first phone call to the delivery of images...then again when you need more photography. And hopefully we grab coffee in between and actually get to know each other.

The paperwork I prepare for your event coverage takes into account the time necessary before and after the actual timeframe you need coverage. Here's what the preparation time includes:

Charged Batteries.    My camera and flash batteries must all have full charge, along with extras. In addition, I, Jessica Yurinko, will be well rested and as charged as possible so I am on my toes and bringing you the best photography possibly.

Professional Attire.    I am expected to blend in and not distract from the event, but I still to what I can to make the “all dark” colors a little more fun.

Camera Gear.    Do I have everything I need and is the gear working properly? 2 camera bodies plus multiple lenses for the variety necessary to document every event properly. I always have several empty memory cards plus backup cards so that I have a redundant copy of your images recording for precautionary measures. Unfortunately technology is not 100% perfect, but writing all images to two cards simultaneously will up our odds of any data lost greatly.

Insurance.    I have professional and business liability insurance for your peace of mind as well as my own. Willing to present upon request.

iPhone.    My phone will be fully charged so you can get in touch with me. It will be on vibrate so that it’s not disruptive to your event. And I know how much some of my clients appreciate “live” photos where I use my camera’s built in WiFi to send images of their event in real time, for Twitter and the like. (A more in depth blog post on this later).

Travel.    I must know how I’m getting to your event and how long it’s going to take. Is it easier to drive and park or take an Uber? Check Google Maps traffic predictions for the time of your event the day before the event. I’ll always leave about an extra 45 minutes earlier than I think it will actually take me incase it’s “one of those days.” Also knowing which room to find you in is helpful, too!

Agenda.    Before your event, I will chat with you, about a sequence of events and the key players and moments to be sure to capture. Are there any moments I should NOT be taking photographs? Also you should know I will not walk out at 10pm if there is clearly something important still happening at 10:05pm.

Knowledge & Honed Skillset.   I have been obsessing over photography since joining my Junior High Yearbook staff. Photography is truly a part of my soul and it shows in my work.

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