May 17, 2019

Friends of Cancer Research - Designing the Future of Cell Therapies

Panel 1: Enhancing Early Phase Development of Cellular Therapies

Panel 2: Processes to Enable Adaptive Manufacturing Processes During Late Stage Development and Post-Approval

Fireside Chat: Future Directions for Cell & Gene Therapies

Event Photography Panel Session Tips:

1. Preparation:  test shots before session starts to get lighting and white balance correct

2. Branding:  often times the photos are practically useless to a client without any branding in the image. Get the brand in as many images as possible. 

3.  Consistency:  client likes to have the same kind of photos for each panel

4.  Flow:  make sure you get all the photos necessary every time. Have a routine around the room that guarantees this with minimal thought as you want to be focusing on the quality of images.

5.  Details:  capture details that tell specifically what the panel is about like items on the registration desk, the agenda, signage and screens that tell us about the speakers

6.  Respect:  as the photographer you are often the only one moving around the room. The greatest compliment is having your client say, "The images are fantastic! And the best part is, I had no idea you were even in the room."

Type of photos to get during a panel session:

1. Wide photo of panel including projector with name of panel and speakers (MUST HAVE photo)

2. Wide photo of panel not including projector

3. Wide photo showing the whole room with the audience watching the panel

4. Move up to front of the room to get tight, "wow" images of EACH speaker on panel

5. Get tighter shots with one or two people on the panel gesturing at one another

6. Wide photo that shows the panel engaging with the audience

7. Look for crowd reactions: laughter, clapping, intense engagement (NOTE: there's usually the greatest energy at the beginning and end of a session. It helps to LISTEN to what they are talking about to prepare camera for a moment filled with emotion)

8. Handshakes following the session, interaction photos of people talking to one another

9. Group photo of the panel on stage with branding in background

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