October 13, 2017

10 Tips for Hiring and Event Photographer:

1. Ask to see an entire album from an event. Let’s be honest, us photographers better be putting their best foot forward on their website. Of course you are only going to see really great images on the website. But how does the photographer hold up on a 12 hour day of shooting? Request to see a full take of a long day of shooting to better explore how the photographer will handle a long day of different with Your Company’s Very Important Conference. There are all kinds of obstacles along the way like dark rooms, projection screens, weird lighting situations, the chairman who you have yet to see a good photo of, you need super quick image turnaround? Like you need to get your images practically as they are being taken. Oy-yoy-oy. You better hire a photography warrior.

2. Ask if they have liability insurance. This one can come back on you big time. I don’t even think I want to give an example. Make sure they have it!

3. Ask about the livelihood of your digital images. Did you know that it’s possible that a memory card can corrupt and all of the images your photographer took at your event can disappear in an instant? Ask if they have a backup plan for this.

4. Ask about when you will receive your images. It’s like when you sit down at a restaurant and you fully expect to be waited on ASAP but it doesn’t happen. You are so hungry. You become HANGRY. Do not go down the path of PHANGRY. Photo-Angry. Your photographer is taking forever to get you photos? Make sure that your expected image turnaround time is reflected within the paperwork.

5. Test their responsiveness. Are they easy to communicate with? Do they value your time and are they easy to reach, especially during your event.

6. Ask them how they dress. I dare you. I just do not think dark jeans and a polo are acceptable at a black tie affair. Do you? I’ve seen it.

7. Give them a specific list of “must-haves” you need photographed and see how they respond. Are they winging it or have they done something like this before?

8. Ask them about what one of their favorite photography captures was. Do they care deeply about the task at hand?This could lead on to what kind of photographer they are at their core. Are they a natural fit for you and your team?

9. Ask them what their rates are and why. This is an important question for obvious reasons, but I would highly recommend getting to know them before doing this. If you are just shopping price, we are going to value you less, too. Maybe no other photographer will admit this to you, but we do not want to be hired based on a price point. We want you to love what you see and go for that!

10. Ask them to get coffee or a drink. Photographers want to know their clients just as much as you want to know us. Building a relationship before the day of your conference where 500 things are happening at once could help you hand the photographer the reins on the big day, all while you take a deep breath and focus on your event. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

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