I’ve officially converted to a Mirrorless camera system and I’m ecstatic to share why! As a Nikon dSLR shooter for 6+ years, heavily invested in lenses and the whole works, I really had no intention of going through a divorce. I had an opportunity to test some Olympus gear for free (why not) and to my surprise I was wanting to make the switch immediately. No one has asked me to review this gear I just really wanted to share because it’s been such a game changer for me in a short amount of time….and that’s saying a lot considering I was pretty freakin’ happy with Nikon.

Things I love so far about the OM-D E-M1 Mark II (Photography):

* The cameras and lenses are much more compact than your average dSLR, yet still feels just as durable and the ergonomics are very comfortable. Makes my old gear feel like something from the dinosaur ages. My entire new kit (in a padded camera backpack) isn’t even registering on my scale. My back is so grateful!

* Quiet mode. The option to turn the mechanical shutter off! And even when the shutter is on, the sound is quite pretty. Some may even call it “sexy.”

* General sharpness of images <3

* Seeing exact exposure in viewfinder. You have to be a dummy to not nail your exposures with this guy.

* Image review in viewfinder (no more pulling away to look at the back of your camera). Set the amount of time you’d like the image to play-back in the viewfinder (looking through the eye piece!). You may also have press the shutter to turn off the image review.

* HDR in camera - Yes it automatically merges the images into a RAW file AKA less post-processing!

* WiFi works pretty well. It’s very easy to select images to send to your smart phone / tablet. I find it best to set slot one to JPEG only for faster transfer of files.

* “High Resolution Mode.” The camera actually fires eight sequential images in a second as the sensor moves slightly, then the camera combines all of the images! BAM! You have your super-duper high res image.

* Touch-Screen-Focus-Shoot. For those times you are reaching up in a crowd, just “touch” on someone’s face in the Live View and the camera immediately focuses and takes the picture. * Bulb Mode - see long exposure ‘develop.’ Yes this means you can expose your images as long as you want

* Can focus from very close up! * Focus on eyes setting - a lot less time toggling my focus point around.

* Double SD Card slot - always make two copies!

* The cost in comparison to some camera systems is excellent. Incredible value in my opinion. * The customization to this camera is seemingly endless.

* Battery life is similar to any dSLR I’ve used which is great.

* TBC…

Things I love about the OM-D E-M1 Mark II (Video):

* The built in image stabilization for video is insane! Even I look like I have a steady hand. * Continuous Autofocus with Tracking! * Touch screen focus

* 60 fps = Slow Motion Video

* Cinema 4k video

* Option to highlight what is currently in focus in Live View (similar to a ninja blade or much more high-techie video equipment)

* TBC…

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