November 18, 2017...Do you really like photographing events?

A lot of people ask me why I love photographing events so much. Some common questions I get are as follows:

1. “Is that what you really want to do?”

2. “But don’t they get boring?”

3. “Anyone can photograph events.”


My responses:

1. Yes, photographing corporate events, including conferences, receptions, galas, conventions, award ceremonies, you name it, that’s exactly what I love!

2. To some extent, there are your fair share of boring events. But the truth is, that’s the beauty of what I do. I love the challenge of making a not so exciting event look REALLY exciting. I mean, maybe these people attending the event are not jumping for joy physically, but a lot of attendees at this year’s “Conference for Scientists for Philanthropy” are practically jumping out of their pants when it comes to talking the talk with experts alike. Now I totally just made that conference name up, it could be any event. The bottom line is, I have a very important task at hand as the photographer for your event: Make the event look as good as it IS, even if it does NOT actually appear that way. Just because your event may look boring, does not mean that it is boring, and by no means does it have to equal boring photographs. And if your event is actually super exciting, even better!

3. Anyone can photograph events. You are absolutely right. Anyone with a camera can go and photograph an event. You can give them the agenda, show them the key players, tell them to throw the camera on “Auto” mode and the photos may not come back half bad for how great technology is these days. This is all very true.

So why hire me? Great question!

You should hire someone such as me because you want wowing images, filled with energy, love, color, heart, soul, and passion. Sure it may sound corny, but corn it up. I freaking love what I do, and my images are badass. I live and breath the event while it’s happening, camera in hand. I am feeling the energy and emotion of your event and channeling it through my imaginative little brain as I compose photographs very intuitively. I’ve honed my technical skills for over a decade and at this point have quite a knack for being in the right place at the right time. I have a little bit of quirk that I’ve been known to share with the world, but my professional foot is always the first forward. In other words, I am good at reading and responding to a crowd, and if the event calls for fly on the wall, I shall be quieter than any fly on the wall. If you need me pushing through crowds and powering my way through thousands of people to get to the stage and then turning around 10 minutes later and powering back through to get to the other side of the conference center where the VIPs lounge is, I can play that part as well. I’m getting out of breath just thinking about it, but not that much, and I love it (that’s why I go to the gym). Yes, I just threw the gym card down. I do go to the gym, and it’s an important note to make, because for some really big events, with a lot of ground to cover, it is absolutely important that I am fit for that game. I keep myself in prime shape so that at hour 12, I can still stand on my feet and with a steady hand, capturing awesome shots of your very last keynote speaker, just as I did with the first 30.

“But my event is just a roundtable of 25 people and we don’t need a whole lot of photos…”

I totally get it. You are on a budget. You only need 5 photos. Consider how important those photos are to you. Will the photos help bring you the publicity you crave? Will your social media feeds begin to attract attention with beautiful imagery? Will your clients appreciate having documentation of your interaction? Could you print some of the photos and give them as a gift? How much value could be added to your website with awesome photography being the first thing anyone sees to evaluate what your company is all about? Have you thought about how much society is driven by imagery these days? Pages filled with words are pretty much a divorce before a date, just saying.

Maybe after answering all of these questions, you realize you should just snap a few pics on your iPhone, I totally get it. I am not the “practically free” photographer you are looking for, and I’ll be totally upfront about my pricing as it comes.

Send me details about your event and you will get an estimate usually within the hour.

Copy and Paste questions below to to receive an estimate for your event photography needs.

1. What is your event?

2. When? (Date and Time)

3. Where?

4. What are the images going to be used for?

5. Who will the images be licensed to?

6. Other special requests / questions Or give me a verbal response at 724-689-3823 (I am still one of those people who verbally communicates on the phone and enjoys it!) I look forward to meeting you!

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